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Innovation and Inequality a new photo series for UNDP
andrea star reese
Dec 15, 2017
A new photography series, Innovation & Inequality, supported by the United Nations Development Programme, shines a light on the importance of new health innovations "“ like vaccines, medicines & diagnostics "“ and getting them to the people around the world who need them most. My photo contribution to the series explores TB and one man's losing struggle with the disease. (caption: Pak Agus has TB. His doctor has advised him to go to a specialized clinic to receive treatment, but Agus cannot afford the cost of travel and in-patient care for months on end.) Indonesia has one of the world's worst TB epidemics "“ two thirds of people living with TB don't get the care they need. Making matters worse, multidrug-resistant (MDR) TB "“ a deadly form of TB for which the standard drug regimen is futile "“ is a growing health crisis in Indonesia and around the world. Treating MDR-TB requires months "“ or even years "“ of daily injections and drugs, causes devastating side effects and costs many times more than treating TB with first-line drugs. This new series also covers other countries and their health issues. Check out the full series!

Andrea Star Reese

Andrea Star Reese is a VISURA photojournalist/documentary photographer based in New York, Seattle, and Jakarta.
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